lunes, 11 de abril de 2011

The ultimate How To Bestseller

One day I finally became aware. If I were to die or suffer or even disappear just like that, these people that walk by my side in the street wouldn't give a damn. I became aware because I thought the same thing about them. I was vain but then I could finally turn humble and begin to understand some things.

You can actually die. Well, that's a fact. You somehow knew you had to die at some point, but you just couldn't come to terms with that fact until now.

Then you can accept that you really are not special after all if you can manage to accept your meaninglessness as an individual, then you might perceive a sense of belonging to a whole.

Then, you'll agree with me, there's no real point at worrying so much about every single thing, is there?

Can you now take on the fear and sublimate it?

You might then be capable of living. It is rather difficult indeed (some people find it blatantly impossible and so they give it up), but it has been done before.