sábado, 18 de junio de 2011

El hombre es un ser noble, honesto, bueno y razonable

Y las mujeres, todos los filósofos te lo confirmarán, son unos seres malvados, carentes de alma, más semejante a animales que a personas, que no merecen ser tratadas con la menor contemplación.

Gang rape is a rape perpetrated by multiple offenders at once. The Bureau of Justice Statistics report that 15 percent of all rape cases involve more than one offender. Between one and two percent of college women are victims of rape. "Overall on college campuses, 16 percent of all rapes and 10 percent of all attempted rapes engage multiple perpetrators" (Neaumann,398). Fifty-five to seventy percent of gang rape perpetrators belong to fraternities. Eighty-six percent of off-campus attempted rape or sexual assaults are at fraternity houses. College gang rape tends to be perpetrated by middle or upper class men.

There are higher incidents of gang rape within fraternities for many reasons: peer acceptance, alcohol use, the acceptance of rape myths and viewing women as sexualized objects, as well as the highly masculinized environment. Fraternity members are more likely than other college students to engage in rape. Part of the prevalence of fraternity rape may be due to the fact that colleges do not have complete control over the privately owned fraternity houses. Often fraternity members face no criminal or college sanctions for their actions. Although gang rape on college campuses is an issue, date, acquaintance, and party rape are more likely to happen.